24/7 Video Streaming

Scheduled Live Channels

Live streamed 'always on' scheduled broadcasts with curated bespoke programming using archived & new live content. Key shows for numerous sponsorship opportunities syndicating 'live' simultaneously to selected social video channels. A 360° promotional and social eco-system aimed to engage new and existing global audiences through live video.
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24/7 Video Streaming

1. Create a 24/7 ‘always-on’ scheduled LIVE video channel using a combination of archived footage, pre-recored video, streamed live events and recently created video content. Youtube channels play out a scheduled and curated channel ‘as-live’ using our bespoke software.

2. Create show/episodes and schedule creating daily, weekly or monthly programming. Modify and change schedules in real-time for complete control in a live broadcast scenario.

3. Simultaneously distribute selected ‘shows/episodes’ to multiple social video channels utilising their powerful notifications systems to significantly boost viewing numbers, brand visibility and engage both existing and new audiences. Distribute content to new social audiences numerous times a day providing a feed back loop to a 24/7 live discovery channel.

4. Appeal to multiple sponsors and affiliates using customised syndicated video streams, tailoring messages relevant to distributed end points, increasing brand association with additional promotions relevant each channels viewing audiences.

5. Use our powerful syndication console for affiliate social admins to instantly live stream to their channels and fan pages from selected  video content from the 24/7 streaming Youtube channel.

6. A 'blanket all' promotional platform creating a social feedback loop harnessing social networks investment & push for LIVE video engagement to new audiences.

Custom Templates & Targeted Content

Our system allows for different social distribution end points to present custom video overlays on the video content. This means that syndicated content to specific channels or Fan Pages can have custom branded interfaces with the ability to incorporate alternative messages that 'top & tail' the syndicated video content.

Promotional intros and end credits placed in-between live streamed content can be used as a way to promote upcoming events/artist performances, brand affiliation etc. NB. The 24/7 broadcast will have these credits and end credits omitted between scheduled programming.

Simultaneously Live streaming to other channels will provide additional engagement to existing and new audiences and provide a 'feedback' loop to engage new viewers to 24/7 broadcast running on Youtube.

Custom Dynamic Schedule Video Overlays

Our bespoke streaming software is the only software to utilise real-time scheduling overlays to accompany live broadcasts. They provide useful information to the viewer highlighting the schedule times of content within a broadcast. The current duration of a programme is shown within a timeline, users are informed at a glance as to the scheduled times of show. The use of our schedule highlights that the shared content is not a 'one off" and is part of a ongoing live channel. Any changes in the schedule through the software is automatically reflected and updated in the overlaying graphic.

We are also able to place timestamped "call to actions" to be displayed in the video. These are particularly useful for Track names or any Lower Third information that is required to accompany the broadcast.

Remote Operators & Monitoring

We have 'Remote Operators' who are able to access your streaming project, providing assistance and make any necessary changes allowing your streamed broadcast to go as smoothly as possible. The collaborative nature of the technology also allows for multiple users to administer and control a streaming project. We are able to provide training for your own filming, channel administers and content creating crews.

Syndication Console for Multiple Socials

Our syndication console offers the instant ability for syndicating affiliates to stream live to their own fan pages in an instant with no need to acquire fan page admins logins. Syndicating is NOT!!! sharing, it allows partners channels to 'GO LIVE' with your branded content exploiting socials powerful notification systems and broadcasts directly to the affiliate page audiences.

By simply following a link, invited social admins can choose whether to stream the entire channel, a particular episode or an individual piece of video content 'LIVE'. They can create their own message status relevant to their audiences and will start broadcasting at the scheduled time of the broadcast.

Social admins are able to choose whether the video is 'Live Only' or Live with On-Demand when the content is streamed to their pages. If needed this can also be overwritten by admins if required to be Live only.