Boiler Room

Notting Hill Carnival

Enabling Boiler Room and Guinness to broadcast two days of live coverage to new and existing audiences. Increasing exposure, discovery and awareness using our cloud based video streaming software.
What we did

Boiler Room

We teamed up with Boiler Room for Notting Hill Carnival to simplify a complex and unique live event broadcast. We syndicated numerous live broadcasts to as many social channels as possible to prevent overwhelming audiences with an incredible amount of Live video through a single social channel. Our software gave streaming affiliates the ability to control the content they wanted to stream and which prefered social platform to broadcast from. The approach resulted in new audiences exploring and discovering Boiler Room content through numerous channels, platforms and entry points.

Multiple broadcasting schedules from 4 Sound Systems, individual branded video streams for those syndicating, integrated live dynamic schedule overlays, in-software video editing and an easy to use syndication console for distribution happily showcased our software as a cost effective and multi-functional production tool for live streamed events.

"Slash Live is the live stream distribution tool I have been waiting for. An elegant and well thought out solution - it's the missing link. Boiler Room used it for our landmark coverage at Notting Hill Carnival 2017 with such great success that we plan to introduce it for every show asap!” Larry Gale, Head of Live Broadcast, Boiler Room

Broadcasting Schedules

Four individual Sound Systems streamed in full on numerous channels on Youtube. Curated broadcast schedules by Boiler Room gave syndicating affiliates the ability to stream Live from individual and multiple Youtube and Facebook social channels.

4 laptops, one for each Sound System monitored and controlled the streams making any adjustments to start and end times or changes in the schedule as a reaction to the events on the day. All modifications are made in real time and are reflected in the broadcasting times of all connected streaming affiliates.

Below shows an example of a single curated schedule from the various Sound Systems and how they are distributed.

Alternative Branded Graphical Overlays

Syndicating partners streaming from their Youtube or Facebook pages included different video overlays corresponding to their brand or requested on-screen graphics.

A simple brand logo affiliation or a combination of our dynamic timeline overlays we provided various scenarios of graphical outputs for individual distributors of the live broadcasts.

Pre & Post Roll Video

Individual broadcasts from Boiler Room's curated schedule presented pre and post roll video content associated with the live broadcast. A pre-recorded introductory video providing a history to the Sound System, and ending on a brand/sponsor message.

Syndication Console

Our syndication console offered the instant ability for syndicating affiliates to stream live video to their own social pages in an instant through a simple to use interface that is both mobile and browser compatible.

Each affiliate is sent a distribution link, using their own social logins can select whether to stream entire sound systems or multiple broadcasts. Social admins create their own status message relevant to their audience and simply clicked 'Create'. The broadcast automatically goes live to their Youtube or Facebook Fan pages at the scheduled start time of the stream.

In-Software Live Content Editing

Boiler Room social content creators got to use our in software editing feature by creating additional content on the fly as the streams came into the system. Updating additional socials such as instagram with near to live content as well as seamlessly creating a highlight edits in real time as the day went on. Additional longer form media such as the highlights reel streamed out 'as-Live’ at the end of the day providing a recap on the days broadcasts.

The team were introduced to this feature within the software as the live event began broadcasting. The simplicity of it meant they started creating new content within minutes of going live.