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A full service filming production broadcasting your events live using unrivalled, cutting edge video streaming technology. We are industry pioneers developing powerful live syndication techniques with unique video distribution technology.
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Hï Ibiza

Our idea for Hï Ibiza is to establish itself as a global brand that sits heavily within its industry and culture. A new venue rising as the next generation Ibiza experience that succeeds the legendary 'Space'. We believe that professionally produced live video experiences broadcasting from the heart of the club is a window into the club that audiences have been anticipating since its launch in May.

The filmed experience is to focus less on the prominence of performing artists and highlight the architectural nuances, sound, atmosphere and vibe of the venue. Our experience shows that artist association draws impressive viewing figures with high engagement and peers distribution. By facilitating high production values and pioneering real time streaming software with high impactful delivery we feel that we can present an alternative and exclusive experience to global audiences. We will deliver and distribute the Hï Ibiza brand through the syndication of venue, artists, associated partners and affiliates. 

Below outlines how using our cutting edge software and professionally produced productions justifies an involvement as a collaborating live video streaming and delivery partner for Hï Ibiza.

Multiple Stream "Blanket all" Proposal

Our intention would be to stream out live the whole event performance as a continuous stream to either/or both the Hï YouTube channels and Facebook page. In addition to this selected performances can be streamed to all syndicating partners, artists channels as individual sets. Our software is able to have multiple 'threads' of the event play across multiple socials, channels and Facebook fan pages.

Individual Performance Distribution

Present individual streams with Hï Ibiza branded intros and outros when syndicating across numerous artist and affiliates Facebook & YouTube pages and channels.

Use promotional intro and end credits in-between artists performances as a way to promote upcoming events/artist performances or the presentation of sponsors or affiliates. NB. 'Continuous' Live broadcasts on Youtube/Facebook channels will have credits and end credits omitted between scheduled artist performances

Clean Feed Video Distribution

For artists wishing to have video content presented on their own individual socials we are able to omit the scheduling or graphical overlays.

Dynamic Schedule Overlays

We can provide the use of branded graphical overlays into our streams. Our bespoke streaming software is the only software to utilise real-time scheduling overlays to accompany event broadcasts. Overlaying dynamic graphics provide useful information to the viewer highlighting the schedule of events on a particular stage. The current duration of the performance is shown within a timeline, users are informed at a glance as to the performance times of each participating artist. Any changes in the schedule at the event are automatically reflected in the graphical interface.

Sponsored Partners

We are able to embed specific branded templates into the the Hï Ibiza broadcasts allowing for single or multiple sponsors during the event or per event. Sponsors visibility can be aligned to a specific chosen distribution output or visible across all distributed streams.

Music Identification Technology

The latest addition to our streaming technology is the ability to auto-detect real-time musical tracks played by an artist as they happen. We display these as a graphical overlay through our software directly into the video feed. We have algorithms to check the validity of the track identification deciding if it is relevant to present an identified track, into the live video stream.

Syndicating Console for Multiple Socials

Our syndication console offers the instant ability for Promoters, Artists Mangers and Syndicating affiliates to stream live to their own fan pages in an instant.

By simply following a link, choose whether to stream the entire event, a particular stage or a particular performing artist/s. Create your own message status relevant to your social pages audiences and click 'Create'.

Social admins are able to choose whether the video is 'Live Only' or Live & On-Demand. If you are an admin of a social

Remote & On-Site Operators & Monitoring

We provide 'Remote Operators' who are able to access the same streaming project and advise or make necessary changes allowing your streamed production to go as smoothly as possible. The collaborative nature of the technology also allows for multiple users to administer and control the same streaming project. For Hï Ibiza we will use a combination of onsite and remote operators.

Real time Instagram 'Stories' Generation

We would like to take as near to realtime the live streamed video content, editing with video content captured from the venue to create heavily Hï Ibiza branded Instagram promotional posts though Instagram 'Stories'.

All promotional posts on Instagram will direct viewers to the key streamed broadcasts on Hï Ibiza's targeted social platforms and channels.

RE/LIVE - Stream Replays 'As-Live"

As we syndicate to multiple endpoints 'Live' the same is also possible with recorded video content or 're-plays'. Simply schedule a date & time for the content to play out. At the scheduled time the content is streamed out 'As-Live" using the same methodology as 'Live' Content. Content played out as a 'replay' will have an associated graphical overlay to distinguish it as such, informing audiences and adhering to social requirements.

We are able to 'replay' specific performances into a continuous live stream if a specific artist wishes not to be filmed.

Redundancy & Eventualities

Working on live production broadcasts for numerous years we have addressed the majority of possible 'pit holes' & inherent complexities that are associated with a live broadcast. Our software has failsafes in place to feed back to viewing audiences when various scenarios are encountered. From possible lack or drop of internet connectivity to unforeseen discrepancies regarding performing artists