LIVES in the Moment

Capturing the lives of endless cricket fans in the moments of LIVE televised broadcasts. Oppo brings together the user generated reactions through an android and IOS app. Socially distributed with an accompanying website for the world to share in the moment.
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LIVES in the Moment

Taking the functionality of theĀ Celebrity Selfie Squad 'Moments' App to the cricket loving public who are watching the LIVE broadcast either at home or from the outside screenings of the matches. Capturing user celebrations at specific moments during the televised match and automatically combining the broadcast footage in sync with the users emotional reaction of what is happening on the pitch.

Televised & reaction Video Sync

The viewer with the Oppo Moments app is able to as the broadcast is playing out live interact and post to socials their reactions as the events unfold on the pitch. In its simplest terms as they watch a specific moment in the match they press record on their Oppo App and film their reaction to what they are watching.

This is then sent to our servers where we combine both the broadcast filming and their reactions and stitch the two together. When posted on socials both videos are place against one another so that followers are able to watch the moment on the pitch the viewer is reacting to.

Collective Experiences

The Oppo Moments App is able to collectively embrace the emotional global experience of fans celebrations of key and chosen moments from the match. By using cutting edge video technology the Oppo moments App will not only allow individuals to socially share in close to real time their emotional reactions with followers but also have these experiences channeled into a dedicated website to form part of a global reactionary experience of the match.