Mahogany 24/7 TV

24/7 Live streamed scheduled 'always on' broadcast with curated bespoke programming from archived & new video content. Key shows for numerous sponsorship opportunities syndicating live simultaneously to unlimited social video channels. A 360° promotional and social eco-system aimed to engage new and existing audiences with new musical explorations.
Our Proposal ⤵

Mahogany 24/7 TV

1. Create a 24/7 ‘always-on’ scheduled LIVE TV channel using a combination of archived footage, pre-recored video, streamed live events and recently created video content. The Mahogany Youtube channel plays out scheduled and curated programming ‘as-live’ using our software.

2. Create show/episodes and schedule using our unique video streaming software - Create daily, weekly or monthly programming, modify and change schedules in real-time for complete control in a live environment.

3. Simultaneously distribute selected ‘episodes/performances’ to multiple social platforms video channels and Facebook Fan pages utilising powerful notifications systems that will significantly boost viewing numbers, brand visibility and will engage both existing as well as new audiences. Feed out content to other social audiences numerous times a day to build awareness and guide viewers to the 24/7 live discovery channel.

4. Appeal to multiple sponsors and affiliates using customised syndicated streams so that messages are relevant to each distributed end point, providing maximum brand visibility and promotions relevant social viewing audiences.

5. Use our powerful syndication console for affiliate social admins to instantly live stream to their channels and Fan pages selected content on the Mahogany 24/7 streaming Youtube channel.

6. A 'blanket all' promotion creating a social feedback loop that harnesses social video platforms investment & push for Live video engagement to new audiences.

Custom Templates & Targeted Content

Our system allows for different social distribution end points to present custom video overlays on the video content. This means that syndicated content to specific channels or Fan Pages can have custom branded interfaces with the ability to incorporate alternative messages that 'top & tail' the syndicated video content.

Promotional intros and end credits placed in-between live streamed content can be used as a way to promote upcoming events/artist performances, brand affiliation etc. NB. The 24/7 broadcast will have these credits and end credits omitted between scheduled programming.

Simultaneously Live streaming to other channels will provide additional engagement to existing and new audiences and provide a 'feedback' loop to engage new viewers to 24/7 broadcast running on Youtube.

Custom Dynamic Schedule Video Overlays

Our bespoke streaming software is the only software to utilise real-time scheduling overlays to accompany live broadcasts. They provide useful information to the viewer highlighting the schedule times of content within a broadcast. The current duration of a programme is shown within a timeline, users are informed at a glance as to the scheduled times of show. The use of our schedule highlights that the shared content is not a 'one off" and is part of a ongoing live channel. Any changes in the schedule through the software is automatically reflected and updated in the overlaying graphic.

We are also able to place timestamped "call to actions" to be displayed in the video. These are particularly useful for Track names or any Lower Third information that is required to accompany the broadcast.

Syndication Console for Multiple Socials

Our syndication console offers the instant ability for Promoters, Artists Mangers and Syndicating affiliates to stream live to their own fan pages in an instant with no need to acquire other fan pages logins. Syndicating is NOT!!! sharing, it allows partners channels to 'GO LIVE' with your branded content exploiting socials powerful notification systems and broadcasts directly to the page audiences.

By simply following a link, invited social admins can choose whether to stream the entire channel, a particular episode or an individual performance. They can create their own message status relevant to their audiences and will start broadcasting at the scheduled time of the broadcast.

Social admins are able to choose whether the video is 'Live Only' or Live with On-Demand when the content is streamed to their pages. If needed this can also be overwritten by Mahogany if required to be Live only.

Real time Instagram 'Stories' Generation

Our software has the ability to take selected highlights from a live stream, similar to 'Snappy TV" - our advantage is the ability to create close to real-time mini shows that are able to be downloaded and uploaded to Instagram.

Archival of Content

Our graphical overlays are done server-side in the cloud meaning that whatever visual overlay we associated with syndicated video we also have a 'clean feed' version allowing your video content to be archived with or without a particular overlay or of a template you feel relevant. Archival can be either automatic or manual dependant on your perceived 'Time to Live' of the additional content that has been syndicated to distribution points on the internet.

Remote & On-Site Operators & Monitoring

We provide 'Remote Operators' who are able to access the same streaming project and advise or make necessary changes allowing your streamed production to go as smoothly as possible. The collaborative nature of the technology also allows for multiple users to administer and control the same streaming project. For Mahogany we will would use a combination of onsite and remote operators for Live events as well as monitoring the scheduling and health of the 24/7 live channel. We can also provide training for your own filming and content creating crews.

Why Live Video?

Why are we spearheading live video aspect? the answer is quite simple, no other form of media is promoted as heavily or given as much preferential treatment across social platforms. A heavy focus & investment in Live video from social platforms results in huge engagement rates. Since our viewing figures from the Space Ibiza Closing Party in 2016 and capitalising on the streaming zeitgeist, we have fine tuned our syndication software to provide an unmatched ability to reach previously hard to engage new audiences. Below are selected slides of relevance for using Live Video from our 2017 - 'I didn't get the memo, Live Streaming is a big F***ing deal now?' document.

Why a 24/7 Live Channel?

At this stage few are implementing it, making it a unique proposition however we do know that it will be a strategy that a select few music community platforms will be adopting soon. We also look to what is currently being done illegally ( ie 24/7 copyrighted tv shows) as this exploitation of a new functionality generally sets a new trend in the industry. Its advantageous to watch how a fan led radio format takes its cues from. Twitter also wants to move into this space and as soon one social platform adopts a strategy others follow suit. And finally our software has been specifically built for such scenarios.

Past Experience - 24/7 Scheduling -

We developed and produced Ibiza Sonica Radio which was a 6 Channel 24/7 radio station. Our unique video software provides the ability to present to mulitple socials allowing you to schedule daily as well as in real-time a 24/7 music video channel for Mahogany. The introduction and engagement of video has seen us develop our software to allow broadcast quality curated programming with sophisticated methods of content distribution. More information on this is detailed in our 'Selected Projects" section on this site.