Advanced Streaming Software

Cutting edge video streaming technology with unrivalled flexible live scheduling software. We are industry pioneers developing cloud based broadcasting software, powerful live syndication techniques with unique video distribution technology.
How we are able to Integrate


Our streaming software acts as a 'cloud' based MCR, and is able to seamlessly integrate into Nomobo's current workflow when streaming large scale global events. Our software creates a future proof solution, removes the need for expensive hardware and creates a scalable infrastructure whilst providing flexible functionality with inbuilt redundancy for delivering professional video content to multiple sources.

As a service we provide both remote and on-site technical assistance and we collaborate extensively with clients to build a more effective and efficient software product. As digital landscapes and technologies progress we constantly improve our tailored technology allowing us to challenge contemporary video streaming practices and enhance live production requirements. We are passionate about video streaming technology and for our clients we facilitate an unmatched offering placing them ahead of their competitors.

Real-time Scheduling

Our powerful scheduling tool allows multiple pieces of content both live and pre-recorded to be dragged and dropped into a timeline from a 'Project Library'. Here we create the full schedule, we are able to modify and adapt the schedule as changes occur at an event level. All changes update the graphical overlays in real-time.

Additional video content can be uploaded during the live event either from the location itself or remotely before scheduling into the events timeline.

Individual Performance Distribution

Present individual streams with festival branded intros and outros when syndicating across numerous Facebook & YouTube pages or channels.

Use promotional intro and end credits in-between artists performances as a way to promote upcoming events/artist performances or the presentation of sponsors or affiliates. NB. 'Continuous' Live broadcasts on Youtube/Facebook channels will have credits and end credits omitted between scheduled artist performances.

Clean Feed Video Distribution

For artists wishing to have video content presented on their own individual socials we are able to omit the scheduling or graphical overlays.

Brand Distribution

Sponsors or brands wishing to present ownership of the content can incorporate there own branded intros and outros to sit either side of the streamed content, which they can then distribute through their own channels. An entirely different styling template can be applied to the graphical overlays to compliment their own brand guidelines.

Dynamic Schedule Overlays

We can provide the use of branded graphical overlays into our streams. Our bespoke streaming software is the only software to utilise real-time scheduling overlays to accompany event broadcasts. Overlaying dynamic graphics provide useful information to the viewer highlighting the schedule of events on a particular stage. The current duration of the performance is shown within a timeline, users are informed at a glance as to the performance times of each participating artist. Any changes in the schedule at the event are automatically reflected in the graphical interface.

Bespoke Twitter Plugin

As a bespoke offering we are able create a twitter plugin for Nomobo monitored tweets and integrated these directly into the video through our graphics pipeline.These plugins will include the functionality of being able to activate and de-activate at an operators digression. Again the choice of whether these graphical overlays being visible will be dependant on the chosen distribution output.

Remote Operators & Monitoring

Initially and when required we provide 'Remote Operators' who are able to access the same streaming project and advise or make necessary changes allowing your streamed production to go as smoothly as possible. The collaborative nature of the technology also allows for multiple users to administer and control the same streaming project.

Syndication Console for Socials

Our syndication console offers the instant ability for Promoters, Artists Mangers and Syndicating affiliates to stream live to their own fan pages in an instant.

By simply following a link, choose whether to stream the entire event, a particular stage or a particular performing artist/s. Create your own message status relevant to your social Page audience and click 'Create'.

Social admins are able to choose whether the video is 'Live Only' or Live & On-Demand. If you are an admin of a social channel you can stream to as many pages you feel appropriate with complete control of when to start or end the live stream on your pages.

RE/LIVE - Stream 'As-Live"

In the way we are able to syndicate to multiple endpoints 'Live' the same is also possible with recorded video content. Simply schedule a date & time for the content to play out. At the scheduled time the content is streamed out 'As-Live" using the same methodology as 'Live' Content. Content played out as a 'replay' will have an associated graphical overlay to distinguish it as such, informing audiences and adhering to social requirements.

Redundancy & Eventualities

Working on live production broadcasts for numerous years we have addressed the majority of possible 'pit holes' & inherent complexities that are associated with a live broadcast. Our software has failsafes in place to feed back to viewing audiences when various scenarios are encountered. From possible lack or drop of internet connectivity to unforeseen discrepancies regarding performing artists.