Oppo 'Moments App'

Reactionary Selfies with Live Video

Follow numerous 'Selfie Squad' celebrities as they capture emotional moments throughout the tour. The 'Of the Moment' Live reactions to India's performance on the pitch. Watch, share and re-live recorded snippets of the game with celebrity reaction videos as they happen
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Oppo 'Moments App'

Celebrities and brand ambassadors for the Oppo tour are given the ability at the click of a button to capture numerous & significant moments within the match whilst simultaneously recording their emotions to what is happening on the pitch. Our bespoke App takes these significant moments combining both the cameras filming the match and the Celebrity activated reactions to post automatically to social networks allowing fans to watch, react and share in the experience.

By leveraging the power of the celebrities internet following and placing brand control over content we allow the key moments of the match to be distributed through the hands of the celebrity. 'Of the moment' reactions and intimate footage of celebrities aligns transparent emotions in direct association with the Oppo brand.

Social distribution would be accelerated through content syndication. We allow these 'Moments' of all the participating celebrities to be posted to their own individual social pages as well as associated sponsors social pages simultaneously. Syndication gives a far more effective use of distribution allowing for multiple end points for viewing promoted content. 

These shared Moments would also allow the inclusion of placing any additional messages into the posts, such as user generated content competitions or provide the ability to align with other aspects of the promotional tour.

How it Works Overview

Scenario : India just smashed the ball for 6 runs - Celebrity with the phone in their hand hits the record button on the App and starts to record their reactions, he triumphantly cheers into the camera then turns around to filming the crowd behind him before turning the camera back on himself for an ending commentary or message.

On the moment of pressing 'Record' the app automatically rewinds the 'recorded game' to capture the lead up to the chosen moment. Our technology server side is able to stitch together the two videos so that when posting to social media we see both the lead up, the chosen moment and simultaneously incorporate the reaction from the celebrity.

Server Side & Auto-Posting

Server-Side both of the videos are stitched together and posted onto the Facebook pages of the celebrity. These Moments will use 'Facebook Live' and present the moment videos 'as-live' taking advantage of the instant notifications Facebook provides to its users. During the match the participating celebrities Facebook fan pages will become a running commentary of the events happening on the pitch.

How Syndication Works

Syndication is actually quite a simple idea as it involves a single upload which is then played out simultaneously to multiple Facebook fan pages creating a more effective distribution reach than a single fan page playing out live and relying on fans of that page to share.

We would imagine that with the level of celebrity associated with the Oppo project and the huge amount of Facebook fans they have will make for very interesting numbers as the event is played out. Bear in mind that the largest views of the case study below was a DJ with 1.2Million fans. The combined fans for those for the Oppo project far exceed this, plus it is also married to the huge popularity of indian cricket.

We would suggest that not only the celebrity fan page streams but multiple pages associated with the event such as sponsors, affiliates as well as the main Oppo Facebook fan page.

Below are the statistics from the Space Ibiza Closing party that we developed software for to facilitated the historic event. We syndicated numerous live performances to multiple fan pages through Facebook Live using our syndication software.

The software acts as 'Middle Ware' - An encoder uploads to our servers. We then encode logos or graphics on top of the video in the cloud and then distribute to all the participating Facebook Fan Pages. For this 20hr event there were 10 participating brand pages in conjunction with 7 artist fan pages delivering the live event to their Facebook audiences. Not all the artists participated in using the syndication method instead relying on brand fan pages to deliver their final performances at the venue.