Live or On-Demand?

Should I live stream? Sometimes the answer is no as for certain clients we feel its not always necessary. Do we believe in the marketing and promotional potential of video? our answer is most definitely yes.
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Q - How beneficial is LIVE?
A -  Live broadcasts provide a unique zeitgeist, a targeted demographic interacting in one place. A perfect solution for campaigns that require immediate 'of the moment' interactions & audience engagement.

Q - How beneficial is On-Demand?
A -  On-demand is crucial to a successful live stream. You are promoting to a global audience where timezones are of the upmost importance, a stream from Europe may not necessarily provide the engagement necessary from those in other timezones. All our live streams allow for instant playback and immediate on-demand availability. A 48 hour peak viewing time is advised due to audience timezones, social network traction and post event promotions 

Q - Can you live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Daily Motion Twitch, Periscope, et al?
A -  Our software simultaneously delivers to multiple video streaming platforms from a single upload, we believe our syndication methods are the most beneficial way to live stream content to maximise your audience. You can choose the platform and the audience you feel best suits your event.

Q - Data Costs?
A -  The full functionality of our software runs specifically on our own infrastructure and therefore we have data packages for delivering the content via our platform. These costs can be lowered if you incorporate simultaneous broadcasting to different audiences on other 3rd party sites such as Facebook live, YouTube and Daily Motion etc. Our packages for data work in a similar way to web hosting packages where we can charged as a yearly, per event or on a pay-as-you-go model.

Q - Can we use you for just the Streaming tech part
A -  Of course we can be as involved or collaborative as you need us to be. If you need consultancy we can provide that, if you need a tech and production arm and want to use another platform to deliver then we are also happy to get involved. We also have a lot of experience working in collaboration with other filming companies.

Q - What about mobile?
A -  Our streams are mobile compatible - If you require an app to be built then we can also accommodate that too. We have also developed our unique 'Moments App' that allows the ability to share from the event the user is attending.

Q - Simultaneous Live streams from the same venue/location 
A -  Of course, how many do you need?

Q - Do you deal with music rights?
A -  No

Q - Do you own our content?
A -  NO it is your content, so you own it. We also provide you with a clean video copy for you to use elsewhere and for other media outlets/marketing purposes.

Q - Is your Platform scaleable?
A -  With 10 years+ experience, working on large traffic video sites our platforms are engineered to be scaleable.

Q - So what are your services?
A -  We provide a full 360 service in regards to Live Streaming. We develop bespoke video streaming software, provide design services and motion work as we'll as facilitate hosting. We take the role of creative technologists and provide consultancy for a multitude of projects. We have a global production arm that facilitates filming and technical assistance on the ground at events.