New Audiences

Chat, Social & Data

Seamless social and integrated community chat systems drives both user engagement, social sharing and keeps viewers tuned in for longer.
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New Audiences

Its always better to watch something with others and we have found streams that incorporate chat and community functionaility significantly increases traffic, distribution and viewing duration of a broadcast. It also allows you to obtain specific data relating to your viewers on login or sign up.

We provide language specific and multiple chat rooms dependant on the type of event we are covering. We have a variety of techniques that we incorporate to ensuer maximum viewer engagement as well as providing moderated rooms and anti-spam features.

Building and retaining an audience is a general key component of creating successful live experiences.

Audience Advocacy

The biggest audience isn't within the limited capacity of the venue, it is those experiencing an alternative experience through multiple screen devices globally.

The screen audience is able to share instantly a professional high quality production with perfect audio filmed in HD that gives controlled branded content best serving an effective marketing strategy. They will only do this however if you provide them with a worthy experience and effective tools.

Online audiences are less about numbers and more about reaching targeted demographics using advocacy that promotes to likeminded markets effectively.

Build effective functionality, ease of distribution and engaging broadcasts incorporating a sense of unity for an audience. A screen-based audience is your marketing budget so present to them with the same consideration you do to your event attendees.

Advanced Chat & Comments

Generally chatrooms are separate free following data streams of conversations, ours are different as we timestamp our conversations to be synced in time with the video.

Where necessary we provide ‘Comment Graphs’ to give an instant overview of big talking points within a stream, perfect for long form broadcasts.

In addition we log all conversations and auto populate as the stream plays out. Our chat streams never feels empty and allows for the further dialogue and conversations between viewers.

We approach our chat system to function similar to bulletin boards, providing structured threaded conversations that are clean, readable and encourage group discussions. We also allow for individual areas for group chat and one-to-one private conversations.

Connect via Social

Login and participate via social or have viewers sign up. Ask us what data you would like to capture and we can incorporate this into the signing in process. Find out information on your viewers and have the ability to reconnect when the even has ended.