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Stand out functionality to schedule content, sell, promote, add virtual graphics, create interactive overlays and syndicate your content.
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Firstly what is it you want to broadcast? A simple live stream or a combined program schedule of pre-recorded content, exclusive video or interviews? Use pre-event promotions to accelerate sharing & distribution of embeddable players? Do you want to keep an audience updated in real time if the stream schedule changes or the start time is delayed? Would you like to syndicate your content with multiple sponsors and have different branded content within each video player? Are you wanting to have clickable in-video advertising specific to the event or sponsor? We provide the flexibility to edit visual overlays instantly and be presented with a clean video feed of your event for future use.

Our software has the flexibility to handle all of these types of scenarios and more. Below are ideas of how to approach a more engaging live streamed event.

Building Event Schedules

Our powerful scheduling tool allows multiple pieces of content both live and pre-recorded to be dragged and dropped into a project timeline. Here we build the full schedule, we are able to modify and adapt the schedule pre, during and post event. All changes update the audience players in real-time.

Additional video content can be uploaded during the live event whether from the venue itself or from an remote location ready to be placed into the schedule. Perfect for situations requiring exclusive content created during an event

Graphical & Interactive Video Overlays

We generate all our overlays in the cloud separating the video feed from graphical content, we then re-combine the two through our bespoke players. A method that allows re-editing when required and a clean video for future projects or when presenting to other media outlets.

When syndicating your content across numerous sponsors or to be multilingual we can provide video players that specifically present alternative overlays or branding through the appropriate video players.

Sell upcoming tickets, music, or pre order merchandise, the list is endless as well as the creative uses of such a feature. If you have something you would like to sell or have specific promotions then we create time based call to actions at any point within a stream.

Call to actions are a great way to prompt an audience, whether its simply giving notifications or providing the discovery of additional content. We like to think of them as a 'RED Button' mechanism that allows for further interactions whatever form they may take. Creatively we have many ideas in ways this feature can be used within a broadcast.

More in Development

While generally the main focus within our industry is focused on digital viewers we are currently in development of creating software and mechanisms that are aimed towards actual event attendees, giving further control and promotional opportunities for brands, artists and social network integration.