Sell & Promote

Interactive Features

From time-stamped 'call to actions' to red button features for the exploration of additional content. We provide advanced in-video interactivity for promotion and monetisation.
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Sell & Promote

Live broadcasts provide a unique zeitgeist, a targeted demographic interacting in one place ( or mulitple places ) at the same time… gold dust no?

We've built various mechanisms that allow the monetisation of live and on-demand broadcasts that benefit both the brand, associated artists and provide additional story telling and narratives into your broadcasts. Promote, sell and provide call to actions at specific time stamps allowing users to engage, interact and purchase.

From selling merchandise, to promoting up and coming events we provide both the audience and the brand with a meaningful conversation, ones that can start new dialogues with new audiences and create far richer user experiences.

Time Based Promotions

Through both our on-demand and live streams we inject video call to actions allowing specific moments to be use as revenue streams. You could be a DJ at a festival selling upcoming gig tickets or tracks. Perhaps its a fashion show allowing pre-orders or the ability to shop literally from the catwalk.

Dependant on a brief we create interactions at specific moments within a stream leveraging endless creative and promotional possibilities.

Additional Sponsored Content

Be subtle with your advertising or sponsors and create compelling interactive content throughout your broadcast. Provide relevant sponsored content that is accessed through a 'red button' mechanism.

Or alternatively blast the audience with a full take-over interactive sponsored video ad. We have techniques that allow you to be as forceful or as subtle as you like.