Types of Streams

Online - Venues - PPV

Live with On-Demand? Realtime or Deferred? Venue to Venue? Pay to View? There are many scenarios you just need to implement the type of stream that is most appropriate for your event, brand or promotion.
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Types of Streams

Stream out as Live and live only with no on-demand, however you'll loose out on eyeballs the hours after the event has ended in regards to social distribution, audience global time zones etc. Alternatively stream live with limited on-demand availability or allow the documentation of the event to be available for years to come.

Deferred Live? works well for when the timing of your event doesn't broadcast effectively at a timezone for a target audience or demographic. It may be useful if you wish to provide additional post event related content into the broadcast schedule.

The best possible streams are a hybrid of all the types of streaming services we offer. Does a stream need to play out 'LIVE'?  in some situations the answer is no. 

Seamlessly Integrated Service

We provide the branded players, technical consultancy and make sure that the venues are set up correctly for the streaming film production. We work with both the client creatives, the event production company and external affiliates.

Pay Per View

Where necessary or at the request of the clients brief we are able to integrate a PPV to access streams. If you want to monetise your streams without subjecting your viewers to sponsors or adverts then this is an option that is available.

Venue to Venue Streaming

Its not just connected devices that we can stream too but also to individual locations. If you want to stream from a venue to another or multiple geographical locations this is also a service we can offer.