Video Players

Rich User Experiences

We are redefining live video players creating advanced functionality that provides rich user experiences, further engagement and experimental ways to interact and present video based content online.
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Video Players

We create totally unique players that place us at the cutting edge of live and on-demand video streaming. We differ from most video streaming companies as we've developed our own video platform & streaming software and have spent nearly a decade perfecting our technologies.

We create beautifully designed, advanced video players that provide rich user experiences made possible though our unique streaming technology.

Below are various examples of how you can sell, promote, engage, distribute and interact with new audiences using our services.

Multi-Streamed Event Experiences

An alternative event experience, seamlessly jump between simultaneous streamed stages whilst participating in individual chat rooms based on what you are watching. A real time EPG ( Electronic Program Guide ) provides the navigation to both live and on-demand video content as well as scheduling the full festival line up.

Provides real time updates of upcoming performances and presents time based 'Call to Actions' for viewers to purchase merchandise & related promotions timestamped to specific performances within the broadcast.

Share, embed and distribute from a specific moment within the stream, an individual performance, a selected stage or the entire event.

Share Stills from Streaming Video

Capture your favorite looks live from a London Fashion Week catwalk show. Distribute and share through a variety of promotional end points that included : Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr. Don't want to share? then download and save your chosen image for future use.

Flexible Sharing & Distribution

Whether its an app, web browser or embeddable player our sharing options provide a unique method of content distribution. Sharing allows for customisable embeddable players on external websites or direct links to specific content through social promotions.

Our technology allows us to create specific timestamps within an upload. Our sharing methods make it possible for viewers to watch selected content from any point in time within a stream allowing your content to be split into chapters allowing for flexible promotional and distribution opportunities.

Pre-Streamed Promotions

Countdown timers are pretty standard as they update you with when the event is to start. Our countdowns are slightly different, firstly we use it as a way to inform the waiting audience whether there are any delays to the predicted start time of a broadcast in a live situation. Secondly we use pre-broadcast content to build the lead up to an event by providing post roll content and selected promotional techniques.

Styling Hashtags

Possibly the only 3rd party we incorporate into our players as everyone loves a social feed. We do however make these social plugins sit seamlessly within a player design as generally they arent much to look at. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, we'll pull in a hashtag and display it in whatever way we like.

Seamless Branded Integration

We make careful consideration seamlessly integrating your player into your current branding. We take brand guidelines seriously and being a white labelled product it has to represent what you stand for. If it eases into your site nicely and when embedded elsewhere on the internet still speaks volumes for your brand then we're happy giving it the love it deserves.