909 Festival

Live Broadcast / Social Distribution

A full service filming production broadcasting live using our cutting edge video streaming technology. Powerful live syndication console with remote monitoring for the Festivals first ever live stream.
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909 Festival

The 909 Festival in Amsterdam saw our syndication software and unique scheduling live video software come into its own where we provided the promoter with the festival's first ever live broadcast of the event. Our simple to use syndication software, streaming simultaneously to multiple Facebook fan pages provided the promoter and artists seamless control of where and to how many distribution end points they wanted to stream to. Again we used our dynamic schedule graphical overlays to update the online audiences of stage performers and accurate start and end times. 

Festival Branded Video

909 made use of our branded graphical overlays into the video streams. Our bespoke streaming software is the only software to utilise real-time scheduling overlays to accompany event broadcasts. Overlaying dynamic graphics provide useful information to the viewer highlighting the schedule of events on a particular stage. The current duration of the performance is shown within a timeline, users are informed at a glance as to the performance times of each participating artist. Any changes in the schedule at the event are automatically reflected in the graphical interface.

Social Syndication Software

Seamlessly and effortlessly syndicating content to an unlimited amount of distribution end points. Invitations to artists, promoters and affiliates to stream the event are sent by simply sending a link. The console allows multiple Facebook fan pages and Youtube channels to stream content that takes advantage of social networks powerful notification algorithms to engage thousands of viewers to existing and new audiences.

Admins of Facebook pages have the ability to stop & start streams or leave the app to automatically post. Each destination end point on Facebook Pages includes individual tailored 'Scheduled Posts' so that messages can be set appropriate to the audiences of those pages. Users of the console are able to decide to be Live only or have on-demand functionality.