Live Streaming Platform

The worlds biggest video platform for electronic dance music and associated global festivals. We provided bespoke streaming technology, site design and development, pay per view mobile applications, social integration, brand direction & technical consultancy.
Project Information


Since 2008 we have been the lead consultants, technical innovators, site developers and streaming software suppliers for BE-AT.TV. As a client we have worked at the helm with the company since its conception and continue to supply new technology and streaming solutions as the company expands into syndicating its video content to ever expanding services such as TV, mobile and multiple platform streaming providers.

As a platform BE-AT.TV allows users to experience live the worlds biggest festivals and dance music events on a global scale. We created a solid & scalable distribution network to cater for extremely high traffic and heavy lifting HD video that comfortably handles the worlds biggest DJ's audiences.

The list of functionality, technical breadth and advanced video distribution elevates this video platform to be the most advanced streaming platform catering for electronic dance music in the world.

Software, Design & Site Development

Our integrated streaming software and bespoke CMS allows the BE-AT.TV productions to be controlled by both the site administrators and technical crews on the ground at various global events.

The site itself is built to accomodate simultaneous live streams, automatically archiving a definitive and comprehensive catalogue for associated artists, festivals, brands and record labels.

Our branded embeddable players and sophisticated sharing techniques allows for external sites and distributors to share the content globally to appropriate digital audiences.

Community Functionality

As a community site we provide innovative time based chat functionality allowing users to time stamp conversations against specific moments in the live and on-demand video stream. Users are able to create individual groups or talk to each other on-to-one.

User profiles allow for viewing histories, social integration and innovative sharing techniques.

BE-AT Mobile App

Designed and developed to encompass all the complex user functionality of the desktop version. The mobile apps are available from both the Android and iTunes online stores.

Subscription Apps

The mobile version requires a monthly subscription to access both live and on-demand video content. Viewers on mobile and tablet devices are given 5 mins of free video content before being prompted with a subscription paywall. Editorial content is available for free and mobile & tablet versions are available as an App as well as an accessible web-based app.

Design & Branding

We have continued to provide both the site design and brand direction for the BE-AT.TV Group. We design & develop all associated brand and sponsorship integration such related promotional micro-sites. We create both the brand guidelines for all social, advertising and marketing material for the group and continue to provide both technical consultancy & development on video streaming possiblities and multi platform integration.