Creamfields - Steel Yard

Streaming Software & Social Syndication

Production company Corrino got to use our advanced streaming software for the first time for this two day event in London. Promoters and artists management were introduced to our unique and simple social syndication console for live distribution.
What we did

Creamfields - Steel Yard

We collaborated with global event production company Corrino taking their live streaming service into a new direction that incorporate our advanced streaming software, creating a more efficient workflow. With our fast and simple syndication console artist managers and promoters where able to quickly with no fuss syndicate the event to multiple Facebook pages.

In addition to our streaming software and syndication console we gave on-site and remote technical assistance and provided the vision mixer operator to edit the stream live. An incredibly successful live streamed 2 day event and an exciting new working partnership with the production company and associated artists.

A weekend of  productions from two locations (see - 909 Festival in Amsterdam )  with well in excess of a Million+ views for the events we covered that weekend.

Social Syndication Console

Our syndication console offers the instant ability for Promoters, Artists Mangers and Syndicating affiliates to stream live to their own fan pages in an instant.

By simply following a link, choose whether to stream the entire event, a particular stage or a particular performing artist/s. Create your own message status relevant to your Fan Page audience and click 'Create'.

Social admins are able to choose whether the video is 'Live Only' or Live & On-Demand. If you are an admin of a social channel you can stream to as many pages you feel appropriate with complete control of when to start or end the live stream on your pages.