Ibiza Sonica

24/7 Multi-Cam Live Radio

Experience live views whilst listening to a 24/7 multi-channel radio station. Ibiza Sonica places a live window into the sights & sounds of Ibiza from the most influential radio station on the Island.
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Ibiza Sonica

Ibiza Sonica is the pre-eminent tastemaker in electronic music. Now in its 10th year, the award winning FM & Streaming Radio station provides millions of users an unmatched window into the island culture through always-on live video streams and seven genre based radio channels.

We are the technical consultants/developers and design creatives in creating this next generation radio station. The site is both a mixture of traditional radio programming, LIVE camera streams, Clubbing Calendar and musical exploration through profile pages relating to events, artists, clubs, brands and associated sponsors. 

We developed the backend software allowing for the radio curators to seamlessly create 24/7 radio programming. Designing and developing both the mobile and browser versions of the site we allow users to seamlessly view channel schedules whilst giving the options to :


  • 1. Follow Artists & Shows, 
  • 2. Receive notifications of new exclusive content
  • 3. Save & customise user listening profile with 'Media Locker'
  • 4. Lock Live Video Streams.


The site also highlights all the latest happenings on the island through a curated 'Whats On' Calendar specific to the cultural clubbing scene in Ibiza. The site provides both a free version and also a paid for subscription version.

Sonica Radio

With six different curated radio channels the IbizaSonica site presents live internet & FM radio set against a backdrop of genre associated photo slideshows from Ibiza. Live Camera feeds placed over the island are dispersed within the channel presentation. Users have the ability to lock a camera such as a beautiful sunset as they listen to the live show. As well as locking cameras we allow the switching between the different live cam feeds.

EPG & Content Navigation

Browse the upcoming and past shows using our integrated EPG ( Electronic Program Guide ). Further exploration of shows and artists are available by selecting items from the EPG. A side panel is brought in allowing users to save, explore and create their own sound to ibiza for future visits. Information within the side panel provides various sharing mechanisms for social distribution.

Subscription & Member Registration

We created both a free version and subscription based version allowing users to create, save and be notified of upcoming show the users has subscribe to. Paying subscribers are able to make use of the sites 'Media Locker' allowing the storage of previous shows and episodes for future listening.

Site Admin & Scheduling

Our Sonica admin allows for the 24/7 scheduling of the station. As a scheduling system we allow for repeating shows and realtime modification of timings. The admin provides multi-lingual versions for content and is fed through to the appropriate viewing/listening audience.

Audio, Galleries & Live Cams

The scheduler provides each episode and channel with the relevant content to be displayed at particular times of the day. Each episode, artist, brand, promoter or venue is allocated a specific photo gallery, live cam and associated descriptive information.