MAYDAY Dortmund 2017

Production, Cloud MCR & Syndication

Full broadcast production including individual performances delivered 'Live only' to multiple Facebook pages with an uninterrupted 14 hour full length stream to Youtube Live. This production sees our recent introduction of assisted remote stream operators.
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MAYDAY Dortmund 2017

In addition to a fully filmed production the MAYDAY Event saw us introduce new functionality into our syndication software, currently unmatched within the industry. The 14 hr event saw a continuos uninterrupted Live stream onto MAYDAY's YouTube channel, allowing for RE/LIVE or replays of a recorded performance to fill the gap for an artist not permitting to be live broadcasted. In addition to syndicating the entire event to YouTube we simultaneously streamed individual performances to event, artist and associated partners Facebook Fan Pages over the duration of the event.

MAYDAY also saw the introduction of our CLOUD BASED MCR allowing remote operators from London to oversee the stream providing any necessary assistance such as distribution end points, event scheduling or technical needs to crews on the ground filming the event in Germany.

“Slashlive is a great way to connect multiple Facebook pages (event, artists, partners) to extend the reach of our livestream. The handling was easy and comfortable.” -  Michael Heuser - I-Motion GmbH - Head of Social Media

Live Syndication - Facebook VS YouTube

We are seeing a continuing trend in regards to where engaged audiences lie and what platforms are generating impressive 'Video Views' numbers but with lower average viewing times on video content.

YouTube yet again comes out on top with an impressive average of 26 minute viewing time. Facebooks 300,000+ 'Video Views' comes in at well below that figure. Awareness Vs Engagement is fast becoming an important consideration to the platform you are streaming to, the type of content you are broadcasting and the audiences you wish to reach.

Our unique Syndicating software is bridging this gap and becoming incredibly relevant in regards to facilitating video content to established and engaged viewers or simply allowing awareness of brands or artists to new audiences through platform notification systems of pages viewers may not necessarily be associated with.