Music On Festival

Dynamic Schedule Overlays

The Amsterdam festival saw the introduction of dynamic schedule overlays into our streaming software. Live from 2 stages, syndicating to numerous Facebook pages we provided the filming production with additional remote stream operators based in London.
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Music On Festival

Our new dynamic live scheduling graphical overlays provide a real-time tool for informing online audiences of who has played, who is up coming and at what time. It also provided useful information for any unknowns during the broadcasting of the live event. Any changes to timings and length of performances is automatically updated and presented to the viewing audience. There was a scenario as to whether the headlining artist was going to allow the broadcast of his performance, we were able to keep the audience updated in real-time as to whether it was going to be broadcasted through our software.

Streaming from 11am to 11pm this open air festival saw a crew of 7 on the ground with two remote operators based in London, helping both the promotors and film crews using our syndicating software for the relevant distribution end points and assisting on any technical needs.

From impressive viewing numbers through our syndication software married with real-time dynamic graphical schedule overlays proved hugely successful for both the client as well as an excellent example of our new graphic overlays for multi-stage and multiple performing artists.

Dynamic Scheduling Overlays

Real time scheduling graphical overlays accompany our streams. Providing useful information to the end user of the schedule of events on each particular stage. The current duration of the performance is shown within a timeline, users are informed at a glance as to the performance times of each participating artist. Any changes in the schedule are automatically reflected as well as providing up to date information on any significant alterations or notification updates at the event.

Syndication & Distribution Console

Music On Festival took advantage of our recently developed 'Syndication Console' allowing admins & page owners of social accounts to syndicate video to multiple distribution end points through a simple to use interface.

The software provides the ability to schedule up & coming live streams to various Facebook Pages, YouTube Channels & Twitch accounts. Clients have the ability to stop and start streams or leave the app to automatically post. Each destination end point on Facebook Pages includes individual tailored 'Scheduled Posts' relevant to the audiences of those pages.