Space Ibiza Closing Party

Facebook Live Syndication Software

Syndicating to multiple Facebook fan pages over a 20-hour period. One encode, one upload to multiple destination end points. Here are the results for the historic closing party in 2016.
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Space Ibiza Closing Party

From 3 Stages with 40+ artists, Space Ibiza closed its doors for the last time on Monday 3rd October 2016. We developed effective software that we integrated into the streaming site BE-AT.TV, making it possible to facilitate the distribution of the historic event, syndicating live performances to multiple Facebook fan pages.

The software acts as 'Middle Ware' - An encoder uploads to our servers. We then encode logos or graphics on top of the video in the cloud and then distribute to all the participating Facebook Fan Pages. For this 20hr event there were 10 participating brand pages in conjunction with 7 artist fan pages delivering the live event to their Facebook audiences. Not all the artists participated in using the syndication method instead relying on brand fan pages to deliver their final performances at the venue.

For more info and our advanced Syndication methods and technology see ourĀ Syndicating Streams section.