On Demand Video Platform

Our own specialist media platform for creative professionals. Bespoke websites designed for the UK's top Film and Production professionals to showcase high quality video work with quick and easy tools to create client reels, private playlists and file transfers.
Discover Spotbox

Spotbox is our own white labelled video platform that is specifically used by the UK's top film and production professionals. Bespoke websites designed that allows users to upload content to a media library, create relevant playlists and add them to their website. Our server side technology deals with all the video & image optimisations for various connections and media devices. Users can create private playlists from a media archive that can be emailed or shared without them appearing in ther sites website navigation. We have a system for the sending of huge files to clients or allow others to upload new content into a clients website through their own Management Console.


This site has been made using our Spotbox technology.

Bespoke Designs

Spotbox is a totally white labelled video platform with each of our sites being individually designed to meet the needs of the client. Sites can be as simple or as complex as required.

Media Library Archive

We have both individual and Agent logins, allowing either party to upload and manage

The media library is where all video and imagery is stored from which individual playlists to are created or modified to be presented on individual websites or alternatively created by an agent as a private playlist for pitching purposes or bespoke showreels.

Unlimited & Resumable Uploads

Upload multiple files at any file size by simply dragging into the browser window. Our resumable upload feature allows you to carry on uploading when an internet connection has been broken. Our platform caters for a multitude of video file types and codecs, PDF's, and image files.

One simple upload where once uploaded our software deals with all the relevant file conversions. Once converted organise your content into relevant folders in your media archive and add to your private or website playlists.