Shy FX - House Party

Live Production Treatment

Hidden streams that engage new audiences to experience unexpected secret gigs performed by respected DJ's, SHY FX's House Party will be a live streamed 'show' format across multiple socials that hasn't been seen before. High quality production values will provide a premium live experience for the ultimate digital house party.
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Shy FX - House Party

The main show format takes the notion of separate streams broadcasting live to the individual Facebook Fan Pages & YouTube Live channels. Existing fans of the 3 main performing DJ's will tune into the 4 hr stream through FB Live notifications. Through secondary streams NEW audiences will gain access to the house party through streams playing out on participating celebrity/artists own social channels. These will take the form of interviews/conversations in a separate area at the venue. The secondary streams provide an unexpected reveal to SHY FX's house party.

Expanding on the concept of the house party in a digital sense, no-one turns up at the allotted start time of a party and through social delivery we are able to interweave timelines of when new audiences enter the main party. New audiences will discover the secret gig through individual fan pages of those participating in the secondary streams. Initially they will believe what they are watching is an interview or a conversation with their favourite celebrity/influencer but the 'reveal' will actually allow them intimate and unrestrictive access to an undiscovered 'room' where they can join the main party in full swing.

House Party will be a Live 'show' where new musical discoveries can be made as well as providing an intimate and unexpected access to a VIP party. High quality production values utilising influential clientele coupled with an unique event space will be presented in a slick and premium live experience for a global audience engaging online through multiple artists social platforms. 

Main Room - Filming Aesthetic

We'll approach the filming of the main room akin to a music video, placing roaming cameras straight into the heart of the crowd, capturing performances from the dancers and influencers partying in full swing.

Throughout we will cut to the reactions of the DJ controlling the party and other interesting features/nuances of the venue . The narrative of the shoot will be on the vibe & energy of the crowd filmed in a stylistic and professional manner.

Stylistically we would make use of a 'Ring Light' mounted onto the roaming camera to 'beautify' the crowd shots as well as providing a very distinct slick filming style. The intention is to allow online audiences to engage with a sense of being there.

Filming with a Ring Light throws off a lot of light and will be the basis of a cue for performers and crowd members to interact appropriately in front of the camera.

Video Style Reference - Sincere by MJ Cole

Above is the style reference video for the Live shoot with the use of a Ring Light on audience members. * Music Video Producer Credits : Phil Tidy ( of whom will be producing the project )

Challenging Formulaic Streaming Aesthetics

We intend to produce a broadcast quality show with significantly higher production values than the plethora of 'Dance' Music video streaming channels. The lower production values on all of these community streams is down to limited budgets with produced with a skeleton crew. Very often with use of static cams, go-pros and cost effective vision mixing software.

Dependant on the platform the DJ is generally the main focus of attention. All except Boiler Room's filming style the general formulas lack the energy of the crowd or the party. Our intention is to concentrate on the energy of the event, using a filming technique more equated to a music video, placing the viewer in the heart of the party to engage viewers with a sense of 'being there'.

Secondary 'House Party Reveal' Streams

Away from the main party space we find the additional streamed interviews & causal conversations between named celebrities/influencers - The scene would be set to a more relaxed atmosphere with considered styling and intimate lighting. Underneath the conversations we hear the faint background noise of the party in the adjacent room.

Audiences watching these secondary streams through Facebook Live / YouTube channels will be aware their celebrities/artists are somewhere, the reveal for these audiences will be access to a secret gig performed by SHY-FX & friends with an array of celebrities and known influencers.

Conversations could be loosely based around the concept and narrative of the live show ( house parties, rememberable gigs, funny anecdotes etc ) as well as self promotions for the artists relevant to their own audiences.

At the end of the interviews we join the stream from the main room, creating an additional fan page to syndicated the house party though.

Ball Park Costs, Questions & Information

For a level of such a high quality live production as a ball park cost you will be looking between £8000 - £10,000 for the suggested treatment above. In regards to equipment we would be needing around 4 HD cameras, lighting equipment, cabling, vision mixing operators / equipment, bespoke streaming software, Internet connectivity, technical engineers, producer, directors and up to 4 camera operators. There would also be additional costs for schedule meetings, location recce, run throughs during the day, a night shoot, travel, parking and insurance.

The SlashLive video streaming software allows to syndicate to an unlimited amount of end points, other streaming companies would have to provide additional encoding hardware to achieve the same result. Our treatment is unique due to our capabilities with our bespoke software, there are traditional ways to achieve a similar results however this will be costly in both in terms of additional hardware and a significant amount of addition upload connectivity from the venue.

If there are significant questions on how to move forward, additional information needed or a full breakdown of production costs then we are more than happy to discuss and provide on request.

Thank you for your time.