Simple Things Festival

Live Streaming Treatment

A full service filming production Live broadcasting your event using unrivalled, cutting edge video streaming technology. We are industry pioneers developing powerful live syndication techniques with unique video distribution technology.
Our Treatment Explained

Simple Things Festival

As a software company focused on ground breaking video streaming technology we are at the forefront of live event broadcasting. Our development of producing various video streaming software, collaborating with numerous levels of production crews over the past 8 years has facilitated the creation of tailored & unique video streaming technology. We have addressed all the significant pitfalls of live video broadcast productions. Our in-depth knowledge of clients streaming requirements as well as contemporary streaming practices within our industry has resulted in unrivalled, cutting edge technology that distributes video across numerous video streaming platforms.

For event promoters, brands and affiliates we have all the necessary tools to produce effective and professional streamed broadcasts for both our clients and online audiences. Every consideration has been taken into account from robust redundancy of a technical nature to the relaying of relevant information to increase engagement of online viewing audiences.

The recent introduction in 2016 of the giant social networks move into Live video, particularly Facebook, we have engineered syndication technology directly into our software that is proven to be the most effective method of engaging existing and generating NEW audiences to event experiences, brands & sponsorship affiliation. Currently dependant on the demographic and key audience of an event we syndicate simultaneously to both Youtube and Facebook LIVE.

We are also able to syndicate to any TV channel or website that uses RTMP as a video source into their system.

Our white labelled approach allows our clients to present their content to distribution partners effectively and efficiently through 3rd parties distribution outlets using simple to use marketing tools.

N.B - Our suggested affiliates of Facebook and YouTube Channels/Pages of known syndication partners can be available upon request.

Branded Event Video

As a white labelled service we provide the use of branded graphical overlays into our streams. Our bespoke streaming software is the only software to utilise real-time scheduling overlays to accompany event broadcasts. Overlaying dynamic graphics provides useful information to the viewer highlighting the schedule of events on a particular stage, room or venue. The current duration of the performance is shown within a timeline, users are informed at a glance as to the performance times.

Syndication & Distribution Console

Seamlessly and effortlessly syndicate your content to an unlimited amount of distribution end points. Invite others such as brands, sponsors and affiliates to stream live the entire event or selected DJ sets by simply sending a link. Allow multiple Facebook fan pages and Youtube channels to stream your content taking advantage of social networks powerful notification algorithms to engage thousands of viewers to existing and new audiences.

Social admins have the ability to stop & start streams or leave the app to automatically post. Each destination end point on Facebook Pages includes individual tailored 'Scheduled Posts' so that page admins messages can be set appropriate to the audiences of those pages.

Track Identification Technology

The latest addition to our streaming technology is the unique ability to auto-detect real-time musical tracks played by an artist as they happen. We display these as a graphical overlay through our software directly into the video feed. We have algorithms to check the validity of the track identification deciding if it is relevant to present an identified track. No other video streaming software provides this functionality within our industry

Branded Promotional Streams

Create professional 'show' or 'episode' presented streams of individual artists syndicated across numerous Facebook & YouTube pages/channels. Promotional intro sequences reinforces brand visibility across social pages as well as presenting a polished and professional representation for the venue.

Use end credits at the end of streams between artists performances as a way to promote upcoming events or the presentation of sponsors or affiliates. NB. Full length event streams to Youtube channels have credits omitted between artist performances.

Updating Audiences

Respecting online audiences has always been one of our key concerns. We have various informational holding slides with various degrees of eventualities keeping the audience informed as to what is happening for the duration of the event. We have seen the lack of communication towards online audiences too frequently from other streaming productions partners, often leaving viewers misinformed or completely in the dark. A professionally streamed broadcast is your direct conversation with an audience.