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Event Attendee Distribution

Allow event attendees to record, share and distribute memorable or significant moments to multiple social networks as they happen. The Moments mobile App records professional live HD broadcasts with perfect audio removing the need to experience an event through a mobile screen.
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Moments App

The live streaming industry often forgets about the actual attendees of an event, concentrating primarily on digital 'screen-based' audiences. Our 'Moments App' focuses on both audiences creating meaningful conversations for attendees, digital audiences, event promoters and associated sponsors through social distribution and sharing.

Event attendees are able to capture specific moments through professionally filmed broadcasts in HD combined with perfect audio of specific key moments from an event. The mobile app removes amateur footage and the need to experience an event through the screen of a mobile device as well as providing control over content for brands and event promoters. The users mobile becomes a recording device with at the simple press of a button distributes to social networks as they experience the event to online audiences.

Branding, Promotional Content & More

There are many ways that we can build upon and inject additional relevant information into a shared 'Moment', creating a bespoke marketing opportunity for an event or participating sponsor. Once a 'Moment' is recorded and uploaded to our servers we are able to combine all relevant branding, sponsor messages, bespoke advertising and any additional video content into the socially shared video streams. The finished result is a more compelling and useful marketing mechanism for shared video content and allows for a brands complete control of quality and content distributed from an event.